Astrology: Pisces III

Pisces III
March 11-18

The Pisces III period takes Dancers and Dreamers as its central image. Simply put, this period closes the Grand Cycle and represents the ending of this lifetime on earth. The great wheel has at last come full circle. Those about to leave this earthly plane feel the gravity of the earth’s attraction more strongly than ever but also the inexorable pull of the world beyond. Even through pain and suffering, a range of emotions may be felt: from acceptance to expectation to excitement and joy. A quickening sense of an experience far beyond what one has yet known or, in some cases, a glimmering recognition of such a state may be felt at this time. Both present and past are finally left behind in the body when the mind enters a dreamworld and the soul dances on. The days that comprise Pisces III symbolically reveal an individual embarking on the ultimate transition into the beyond. Exercising faculties of intuition and inspiration, encountering an inexorable fate (embracing it or struggling against it), rising to new spiritual heights and realizations and, finally, closing the life cycle that may lead again to rebirth are all part of this process.

Strongly philosophical, Pisces III’s often spend time contemplating the intricacies of human thought and the wonders of the universe. Their minds roam freely over areas that many would find daunting or at least mysterious. They start wondering about the meaning of life early on, and often continue to puzzle over such questions for a lifetime-indeed, these issues can become the driving force behind their careers and lifestyles. although visionary in thought, Pisces III’s have an intensely practical side and often well-developed technical or scientific skills. It is important to them to take an active hand in whatever is going on around them and to help other people solve their problems; they have a tremendous need to influence the lives of others and often manage to do so. Pisces III’s may even become over involved, failing to recognize when to back off. Those around them may come to view their interest as meddling, mistrusting or resenting their good intentions. One might accuse Pisces III’s of being unrealistic if they didn’t prove correct so much of the time. Making the unbelievable believable, or the impossible possible, is perhaps their greatest power. They may seem to be quite down-to-earth, pragmatic, even ordinary types, yet their achievements at times border on the miraculous. It is as if, although not actually believers in miracles, they were somehow able to realize or experience them. There is a marked tendency to the paranormal in the personalities of those born in the Week of Dancers and Dreamers, who can manifest clairvoyant or telepathic tendencies at an early age. If those around them downplay, scoff at or suppress their abilities, they may not feel secure enough to acknowledge and reveal these talents openly until later in life.

Pisces III’s must beware of appearing to glib and learn when to speak on a given subject. Although much that they say is true, and of a high order of thinking, their omniscient manner can antagonize people. Developing humility and admitting mistakes will only add to their credibility – an important lesson, since they can become highly frustrated if their words fail to have the desired effect. They often see themselves as teachers, a role they aren’t necessarily at all cut out for, and their disappointment over not having students, followers or disciples can bring them a measure of unhappiness. Those around Pisces III’s may well find them strange or peculiar, a trait that can make them either more or less desirable, depending on whom they meet. Some Pisces III’s have an air of self-importance, others radiate a kind of ineffectually; both types may become complacent, however, figuring that wherever they are at that moment, whether in their career or in their living situation, is the best or at least the safest place for them to be. To an unusual degree, however their lives are ruled by fate, and at a certain point, perhaps between the ages of twenty-eight and forty-two, a call will come to them in the form of a great challenge. Whether they respond to this unsolicited invitation from destiny may well determine the course of the rest of their lives. If they try to scale the heights, they have a better-than-average chance of succeeding, no matter how daunting the endeavor.

Comfort-loving, those born in this week know how to make life pleasant for themselves and for others; in furnishing their homes, for example, they are often tasteful and imaginative. Yet a curious wanderlust or impermanence in their lifestyles can make for frequent moves, in which they leave a string of well-furnished and improved dwellings behind them. Those who do manage to stay in one place for a time may periodically need to refurbish or renovate their living space, whether those who share it with them believe this to be necessary or not. Although Pisces III’s usually seem very independent, they often foster dependencies in others. They need to feel that they count, that they matter. This need to be needed may be one their most vulnerable points: if their children, parents, colleagues or lovers assert a degree of independence, or cease to rely on them, they can fall apart. A family, whether biological or metaphorical, is usually essential for Pisces III’s, and the degree of responsibility they assume in it may be quiet impressive. Those born in the Week of the Dancers and Dreamers are finely attuned to the wants of others. Often highly empathic, they are good listeners and are quite able to relate to and make sense of other people’s point of view. Pisces III’s know well that the world is made up of many subjective viewpoints, each true for its author, and perhaps actually true also, in a relative sense. At the same time, however, Pisces III’s tend to feel that behind these differing viewpoints stands an absolute that is not dependent on subjectivity at all but is objectively true in all situations and for all time. Thus the underlying philosophy of these individuals is a curious blend of subjectivity and objectivity, the relative and the absolute, the believer and the skeptic.

Pisces III’s can be unstable and unrealistic in their romantic relationships and often get involved with the wrong partner. Yet if they make the commitment to a love that is positive and nurturing, they are quite capable of making loyal and devoted spouses.


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